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Any organization is composed of people working together, complementing each other’s strengths. That holds true in a team, in a project group, and… in a restaurant kitchen. An excellent team stands out from the rest, performs better than other teams. These high-performing teams demonstrate passionate team spirit, self-management, target-driven and task-oriented collaboration, and leadership geared towards intensifying that strong sense of teamwork – and all that focused on customers and all the stakeholders. The results of such high performance are unmistakable; the famous De Librije restaurant is a fantastic example.

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Scrum, the agile approach to project management that has been such a success in developing products and services within teams, is all about High Performance too. And that’s where ScrumCooking™ comes in: working together as a team to master the Scrum approach, and then put it into practice on your plates during a cooking workshop for high-performing professionals. ScrumCooking™: team-building exercise and company outing, in just one day!

Workshop 1: Scrum

In the morning, your team will learn all about the Scrum approach: its features and factors, the roles involved, how you apply it in your own project(s), and why teamwork is so important. Theory is supplemented by lots of hands-on practice and interaction – guided by Scrum Master Bas Douma. 

Workshop 2: CookYourLife

In the afternoon, the team’s inspiration comes from top chef Leo Keijzer. Using a Scrum-based approach, he brings out all the best qualities inyour team: collaborative, personal, professional and culinary. In an informal setting, but under a certain amount of pressure, you and your self-directing team will produce an exceptional three-course menu – just as if you were in a real restaurant kitchen, preparing a complete menu for that evening’s guests.

ScrumCooking™ takes place in the CookYourLife cooking studio at Houthavenkade 43 in Amsterdam. The morning session for the Scrum workshop is hosted in Karavanserai, a welcome haven for leaders and professionals, at Haparandaweg 67 (100 meters from the cooking studio).


For more information about ScrumCooking™, contact Bas Douma: M +31 6 200 11 5 11 or E info@bascommunicatie.com. And download the infosheet.

Infosheet ScrumCooking